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CBC and I: Few Words I Would Like To Share

It was the 4th of July, 2011, I could still recall, that we started our class for the session. There was a heavy rainfall. Yet, that didn’t dampen our zeal. Counting in the three students who’d finished their first year, we were ten in the number who got enrol. I had nothing in my bag but the Bible and a blank notebook with a pen. I went to study the Bible and so I couldn’t think of anything else to carry other than those. We, the students, reached the college earlier than our teachers, so we had a chat with each other, introducing oneself to another as we watched the rainfall dwindling down. I happened to talk awhile with a passed-out student who yet left the hostel, Brother Zamsuanmang, in the hostel’s kitchen. It still lingers in my ear that the toughest subject for him in the syllabus was ‘Christian Evidence’.
The first class was utilised in scrutinising our admission form and our personal conviction to study the Bible. All the faculties were there. We conducted a short but formal …

On The Brevity Of Life

At the door of death and departure, all men stand nervous and sigh. The thought for it, even in the slightest vague imagination, brings us the feeling of awe and scare. The fact about life after death lightens our face; yet the door that unlocks to eternity, namely death, does something ironic to us. The toils of this life are hard to carry on, but we dare not leave this world every now and then. The truth about the brevity of life is well known to us. It is proved true every day and not out of our sight: we always witness it. Nevertheless, the thought that we too will end up one day cannot lay long in our heart. We don't want it to be. Howbeit, what can we do to lengthen our life, or to switch to immortality. This truth remains: death is inevitable.

If this life is a journey and not a destination (Heb. 11: 13-14), and we do believe; if this life is really swifter than a runner (Job 9:25), and we know it and hold it; if our life is like and grass that withers, and its loveliness is…