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The Mess Worker's Son

The clock just ticks 10 when familiar footsteps at the threshold can be heard from the kitchen. Mukesh hurries to unlock the door as he knows it’s his father coming in, who has just finished his daily duty of cooking for NERIST hostellers. He welcomes, “O Papa, you never late. I know it’s you by your footsteps.” “I’m always eager to meet you, beta,” his father replies. The weary but cheerful face of Sashi brightens with this usual welcoming gesture of his sole son. Mukesh, then, fetch a cup of cool water for his father who is reclining on the wooden bench in the living room. He’s been doing this regularly since childhood till today when he’s now 15, doing his 9 grade. Today, he is cooking for him and his father as his mother and his sister are gone to visit his uncle who is in Assam. Nonetheless, kitchen work is not a big deal for him; he’s been handling domestic chores since childhood.

"Papa, take a bath, I have drawn water from the river, then we shall have a dinner shortly,&quo…